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26mm Tinplate Ring pull crown cap

Short Description:

Ring pull crown cap is widely use for juice、soy milk、beer、soda glass bottles.

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1, Chromeplated tinplate(Origin from Japan)
2, Food grade PVC/ PVC-Free Liner.
3, This Beer Bottle Cap use PE material made by GRACE and approved by EU
4, Bears maximum 10bar air pressure
5, Reduces bottle breakage/explosion rate by use Beer Bottle cap
6, No changes to filling lines needed when you use the Beer Bottle Cap
7, Use existing bottling equipment
8, No additional bottling equipment to purchase
9, Decrease loss of damaged for the beer bottle
10, Increase ability on product anti-fake

For beer bottle、soda bottle, it is normal temperature below 80 degree. Our insider liner is regular one.
If you need ring pull crown cap for soy milk bottles, please do let us know. We can do high temperature liner for you. It could stand 121 degree high remperature sterilization.

This ring pull crown cap is especially designed for easy open. Material is tinplate.
It could be sealed same as crown cap machine.
The disadvantage is not multi colors on one cap. And sample logo is embossed type only.
Freely to contact us, if you have any detail request.

Name 26mm Tinplate Ring pull crown cap
Size 26mm
Material Tinplate
Liner Option PE liner
MOQ 100,000pcs
Lead Time 2-4 weeks
Package Plastic bag+ export carton

Details Pictures:

Plain Color

26mm Tinplate Ring pull crown cap

Application Scene:

Application Scene

Package Photos:

Application Scene

Production Process:

1.Aluminium Sheet Printing

1.Aluminium Sheet Printing

2, Aluminium Sheet Punching

2, Aluminium Sheet Punching

3, Aluminium Cap Molding Liner

3, Aluminium Cap Molding Liner

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