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Can waste glass be recycled?

Waste glass can be recycled and used as glass raw material to re-manufacture glass.
The glass container industry uses about 20% cullet in the manufacturing process to facilitate melting and mixing with raw materials such as sand, limestone and other raw materials. 75% of the cullet comes from the production process of the glass container and 25% from the post-consumer volume .
The following problems should be paid attention to when reusing waste glass packaging bottles (or broken glass frit) as raw materials for glass products.
(1) Fine selection to remove impurities
Contaminants such as impurity metals and ceramics must be removed from the glass recyclate because glass container manufacturers need to use high-purity raw materials. For example, metal caps, etc. in the cullet may form oxides that may interfere with furnace operation; ceramics and other foreign substances create disadvantages in container production.
(2) Color selection
Recycling color is also an issue. Because tinted glass cannot be used in the manufacture of colorless flint glass, and only 10% green or flint glass is allowed in the production of amber glass, post-consumer cullet must be artificially Or machine for color selection. If broken glass is used directly without color selection, it can only be used to produce light green glass containers.
Glass is a commonly used substance in modern human life. It can be made into various utensils, utensils, flat glass, etc. Therefore, there are also many wastes. For the sustainable use of resources, discarded glass and products can be collected. Turning harm into profit and turning waste into treasure. At present, there are several types of glass products recycling: as casting flux, transformation utilization, refurbishment, raw material recovery and reuse, etc.

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Post time: Jan-25-2022