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Differences in wine bottle types

There are many kinds of wine bottles, some with big belly, some slender and tall. It’s all wine, why are there so many different styles of wine bottles?

Bordeaux bottle: Bordeaux bottle is one of the most common wine bottles. The bottle body of the Bordeaux bottle is cylindrical and the shoulder is obvious, which is the classic bottle shape of the Bordeaux region. Under normal circumstances, brown is used for red wine, dark green is used for white wine, and transparent is used for dessert wine.

Burgundy bottle: Burgundy bottles are also very common these days, and are generally used to hold wines made from Pinot Noir. The Burgundy bottle is quite different from the Bordeaux bottle. Its shoulder is not so obvious, so the excess between the neck and the bottle is more natural and elegant.

Champagne bottle: The champagne bottle is a wine bottle specially designed for sparkling wine. Because there are bubbles in the sparkling wine, the champagne bottle will be thickened, heavier and higher to prevent the bottle from exploding.

The biggest feature of this bottle is that it looks big and holds heavy. Moreover, there will be a relatively large protrusion at the mouth of the bottle, which is used to fix the metal wire. Therefore, this kind of bottle is easy to distinguish, and the color is green, brown, and transparent. The winery will use different colors according to different situations.

Ice wine bottle: This kind of bottle is used to hold ice wine, which is a more cherished wine. The biggest feature is that it is thin and high. Because the capacity of each bottle of ice wine is only 375ml, which is half of the ordinary wine bottle, and this wine adopts the same height as the ordinary wine bottle. This kind of wine bottle is mostly brown and transparent, and ice wine in Canada and Germany use this kind of wine bottle.

Differences in wine bottle types

Post time: May-18-2022