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Glass production process

In our daily life, we often use various glass products, such as glass windows, glass cups, glass sliding doors, etc. Glass products are both aesthetically pleasing and practical, both appealing for their crystal-clear appearance, while taking full advantage of their hard and durable physical properties. Some art glass even makes the glass more patterned to enhance the decorative effect.

1.Glass production process

The main raw materials of glass are: silica sand (sandstone), soda ash, feldspar, dolomite, limestone, mirabilite.

crafting process:

1. Crushing of raw materials: crushing the above-mentioned raw materials into powder;

2. Weighing: Weigh a certain amount of various powders according to the planned ingredient list;

3. Mixing: mix and stir the weighed powder into batches (colored glass is added with colorant at the same time);

4. Melting: The batch is sent to a glass melting furnace, and it is melted into a glass liquid at 1700 degrees. The resulting substance is not a crystal, but an amorphous glassy substance.

5. Forming: The glass liquid is made into flat glass, bottles, utensils, light bulbs, glass tubes, fluorescent screens…

6. Annealing: send the formed glass products to the annealing kiln for annealing to balance the stress and prevent self-breaking and self-cracking.

Then, inspect and pack.


Post time: Feb-22-2022