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How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Glass Bottles?

Excellent glass performance, can be used in a variety of occasions. In interior decoration, painted glass and hot-melt glass can be used, and the style is changeable; In the need to protect personal safety occasions suitable for tempered glass, laminated glass and other safety glass; Need to adjust brightness, when protecting privacy might as well use frosted glass and dimming glass, convenient and durable. To understand the main process of glass bottle production and how to tell a good glass bottle from a bad one, see below.


1. Inspection of glass sheet

Appearance quality is mainly to check smoothness, observe whether there are bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots and other quality defects, there are such shortcomings of glass, in use will be deformed, reduce the transparency of glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability of glass, engineering should not be selected. Because the glass is a transparent object, in the selection of visual inspection, the basic quality can be identified. The inspection of glass processing products, in addition to the inspection of flat glass requirements, should also test its processing quality, inspection specifications and sizes are standard, processing accuracy and design clarity meet the requirements, while the side is not allowed to have incomplete. The exterior quality of hollow glass brick does not allow crack, in vitreous body do not allow opaque not melt content, do not allow the fusion between two vitreous body and glue to receive undesirable. Visually, the brick body should be free of corrugations, bubbles and layered stripes caused by uneven glass body. Concave in the surface outside big face of vitreous brick should be less than 1 millimeter, outside convex should be less than 2 millimeter, weight should accord with quality standard, do not have the quality defect such as surface warping and gap, burr, Angle wants founder.

2. Listen to the sound. The sound you hear when you hit the craft glass bottle with your hand is different.

3. Of course, if we want to prove whether the glass bottle is qualified or not, we still need to carry out some tests, but we can not do it in daily life. We can basically determine the quality by judging the appearance.


Post time: Dec-13-2021