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Screw Cap Wine: 3 Reasons Why Winemakers Are Switching from Corks

3 Reasons Why Artisan Wineries Are Making the Switch to Twist Off Wine Closures

1.Metal wine screw caps solve the “corked bottle” syndrome that ruins thousands of bottlings each year. A batch of bad corks can have an especially severe financial impact on wineries that only produce 10,000 cases or less per year.
2.They are easier to open and close and make enjoying the wine more convenient.
3.They are less expensive for wineries and, ultimately, you.
90% of New Zealand wineries and 70% of Australian wineries are now bottling using twist off caps, or “twisties.” In fact, many of the new world wines we feature in our wine club come with these closures.

Screw Cap Wine 3 Reasons Why Winemakers Are Switching from Corks

Post time: Dec-01-2021