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The Different Aluminum Cap For Glass Bottle

Our aluminum cap have two type, aluminum screw cap and aluminum pilfer proof cap

Aluminum Screw Cap

Strengths: Easy operation manually, no special Capping machine needed; Flexible for small Order quantity.
Weakness: Simple close and open, no extra protection to avoid pilfer;  Risky for loose;
Sealed way: Manually
usage: widely used in essential oil bottle/cosmetic bottle/ storage bottle/wide mouth bottle etc


Aluminum pilfer proof cap

Strengths: Pilfer proof.  Must destory cap before open.Suitable for capping line for big quantity order. Cap thread applied by bottle thread, cap will fit bottle 100% & Will be in same tightness.
Weakness: Need capping machine to work;
usage: widely usesd in wine bottle/whisky bottle/olive oil bottle/juice bottle/water bottle/liquor bottle/vodka bottle/syrup bottle etc

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Post time: Dec-01-2021