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  • Can waste glass be recycled?

    Waste glass can be recycled and used as glass raw material to re-manufacture glass. The glass container industry uses about 20% cullet in the manufacturing process to facilitate melting and mixing with raw materials such as sand, limestone and other raw materials. 75% of the cullet comes from the...
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  • How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad Glass Bottles?

    Excellent glass performance, can be used in a variety of occasions. In interior decoration, painted glass and hot-melt glass can be used, and the style is changeable; In the need to protect personal safety occasions suitable for tempered glass, laminated glass and other safety glass; Need to adju...
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  • Dispute Between Aluminum Bottle Cap And Plastic Bottle Cap

    At present, due to the fierce competition in the domestic beverage industry, many well-known enterprises are adopting the latest production technology and equipment, so that China’s capping machinery and plastic capping production technology have reached the world advanced level. At the same time...
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  • How to choose the correct Capsule for your bottle

    At BottleCap we pride ourselves on the amount of PVC capsules we offer our customers. We are also happy to supply them in small and large quantities for any sized business. One question we always get asked is which size heat shrink capsule is best for a particular bottle. However if you are still...
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  • The Different Aluminum Cap For Glass Bottle

    The Different Aluminum Cap For Glass Bottle

    Our aluminum cap have two type, aluminum screw cap and aluminum pilfer proof cap Aluminum Screw Cap Strengths: Easy operation manually, no special Capping machine needed; Flexible for small Order quantity. Weakness: Simple close and open, no extra p...
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  • Screw Cap Wine: 3 Reasons Why Winemakers Are Switching from Corks

    Screw Cap Wine: 3 Reasons Why Winemakers Are Switching from Corks

    3 Reasons Why Artisan Wineries Are Making the Switch to Twist Off Wine Closures 1.Metal wine screw caps solve the “corked bottle” syndrome that ruins thousands of bottlings each year. A batch of bad corks can have an especially severe financial impact on wineries that only produce 10,000 cases or...
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